NuScale Co-Founder & CTO Dr. José Reyes joins Yahoo Finance's Aikiko Fujita to discuss the latest in nuclear energy technology....
A visual walkthru of Hydrostor's CAES in Goderich Ontario
If renewable energy is going to provide a steady source of energy to power grids, we need to find ways of storing it. Lithium-ion batteries are currently the dominant technology, but new rivals are emerging. These include vanadium batteries, hydrogen, and even volcanic rocks. Could they offer a serious challenge to lithium-ion’s supremacy? ...
Of the many possible solutions, compressed air seems to be sweeping some in the energy sector off their feet. Compressed air energy storage, or CAES, takes advantage of air’s ability to be stored in the form of elastic potential energy until we’re ready to use it. Advanced CAES is a new iteration of an old...
In this episode, host Shayle Kann talks with fellow venture capitalist Abe Yokell about the state of climate tech investing. It’s safe to say that this year has brought some of the biggest changes to the space we’ve ever seen. Shayle and Abe try to separate what’s real from what’s hype....
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